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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  December 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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students by 50%. all of the money will go to the host. 10 through 15 students needs to sign up by next fall. today your weekend weather after the big storm moves to debate area. >> and nature comes knocking to the porch of a hillsboro home. >> in the video you could see the eyes. plus we are checking out merchandise as a star wars movie opens up in bay area theaters. sick black smoke just pouring from an accident in richmond. this has been our top story. the smoke continues. at about 7:30 am dozens of cars are on fire. let's go to alex savage. you are very close to the fire. >> reporter: good morning. i was just told by the battalion
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chief that this is really a wind driven fire. they are experiencing gusts about 15 miles per hour kind of coming up up the bay blowing west to east and that is driving the fire. they have dozens of cars that are continuing to burn at the salvage yard. this is an auto wrecking yard. this is right on richmond parkway near gertrude avenue. richmond parkway is shut down entirely as firefighters try to get a handle on these planes. discipline of a black smoke obviously quite toxic -- this thick plume of black smoke obviously quite toxic. people living in this immediate area have been given a warning to stay indoors especially those who have breathing
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problems because this smoke is just so toxic. a short time ago i lived with a woman living in this neighborhood. she woke up just before 8 am and looked outside and saw this massive fire.>> actually at 7:45 i woke up to a big boom and i looked at my bedroom and i saw dark black smoke. i threw something on and ran outside. i thought the house was on fire. the smoke was coming. i saw the flames looking like they would travel. >> it was scary. >> reporter: again this fire started just before 8 am this morning. cruiser at the scene from the richmond fire department. and also there are firefighters here from the nearby chevron refinery. we should point out that the
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battalion chief says this is not because the fire is in any way impacting or have the potential to impact the refinery itself. it is only because the chevron fire department has quite a bit of the fire retardant foam that is typically used to fight toxic chemical fires such as this one. they are fighting this fire. they are putting water and fire retardant foam on it took a these claims under control. this is a salvage yard on richmond parkway at gertrude and richmond parkway shut down entirely for the firefighting effort. the wind is really the biggest factor here and it is driving the fire. a whole lot of cars continue to burn at the salvage yard and richmond fire crews continue to try to get this thing under control.>> i wanted to ask you about the whole retardant thing because it seemed like there was a delay trying to put water on the fire initially? maybe i am wrong.
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just so firefighters knew exactly what was earning before they made that decision but is there a reason they may have waited for the retardant instead of the water?>> i asked the battalion chief about that if there was any sort of delay or if they waited at all to put water or foam and he actually told me they weren't putting on the water and the foam pretty early on actually . it is just that they redoing it from different vantage points and repositioning text and engines and putting it on from different vantage points. in all likelihood i would guess that was probably a safety issue because once they realized what direction the fire was pushing they did not want to have crews in the light -- in the line of fire. >> are you getting any smell? and the people who live in the neighborhood -- do you think they are getting some sort of a smell?>> reporter: yes. where
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we are -- we would just speaking about it. we are in a pretty decent spot because the plume of smoke is not coming in our direction that i can tell you as we made our way through the neighborhood to get to the fire there are certainly neighborhoods east of here in richmond -- residential areas -- the sun was basically blocked out by the thick black smoke just pouring over the top of these folks. there are some neighborhoods where this smoke is drifting and likely settling and this is toxic stuff. if it is coming towards you the warning is to stay indoors. spirit -- >> we will bring in a new vantage point looking down on the fire scene at this auto salvage yard these are our first pictures from up above. we see crews putting water on the burned area on the right- hand side of your screen. these cars are literally on top
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of each other elbow to our -- elbow to elbow. so you talk about an opportunity to earn. the fuel there. we are covering the weather aspect of this and we are seeing this is a wind driven event.>> you're right. i will also add that at least the wind is helping to blow the smoke out of the area. while it is not pleasant for the folks dealing with it right now , if we did not have the wind and the smoke was hovering over the bay area it would almost be worth. while the wind is an issue regarding driving the fire, i will say the wind is a benefit when it comes to getting the smoke up and out of here. look at these wind gusts at 30 miles an hour. 25 miles an hour in concord. anyone sustained about 5 miles per hour to 15 miles an hour.
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that is good news. when it comes to the direction of the wind and the fire we are talking about a west/northwest wind coming from which meant -- coming from richmond likely to see smoke. again it is a very easy day out there in any event. almost a good thing we can get some smoke out of their. you guys have been watching a lot longer than me. notice the dark smoke is turning a lighter gray and white so that is good news as well. we can talk about what is going on with the rest of the weather as we know. a lot drier this morning it as a continue through your date we will continue to see the dryer weather move in and the colder weather move in as well. notice the satellite view. of bits of moisture hanging off the coast. we are looking at a north/northwest flow. i am calling for dry conditions
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today and colder conditions. right now 50 degrees in oakland. fortified in novato. 45 in fremont -- 45 in novato. 45 in fremont. 50 degrees below where we work yesterday this morning and with that wind out there it feels awfully blustery for some. into the afternoon we will call for mid-50s in the forecast today. transition to dry weather we are transitioning to the big chill sticking around for your bait area weekend. -- a area weekend. for tomorrow morning be prepared . upper 20s to upper 30s to start our day both saturday and sunday and into the afternoon. it will be cool with temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. extended forecast it looks like we are drive for the next several days. as we try out this morning we are seeing some lingering albums out the bay area from yesterday's storm.
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taking down power lines that magnolia avenue and cedar street. power was knocked out to about 250 homes in the area. that was one of dozens around the area. there are some scattered outages throughout the area. flooding and other problems was a problem -- plotting was a problem caused by the storm. river and creeks that close to overflowing. there are more like raging rapids last night. at least one vehicle got stuck in nearly submerged. lucas center road was shut down west a big rock after a falling tree and power lines. the roadway. for the white house and president-elect donald trump are in a war of
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words. >> mr. trump was obviously aware of the fact that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity and that malicious cyber activity was having a negative impact on his opponents campaign and was boosting his.>> this foolish guy josh earnest -- i don't know if he is talking to president. obama. having the right press secretary is so important because he is so bad -- the way he delivers a message. resident obama is expected to stay -- say more about this today when he holds his final news conference of the year . yesterday the president indicated russia would face consequences for trying to influence the election. >> i think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections, that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own
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choosing. >> russia has denied any interference and president-elect donald trump has repeatedly rejected any intelligence reports about russia hockey. -- hacking.>> i would take anything that the president asked me to do. i would shovel the driveway of the south lawn. whatever he asks. this president has a real agenda of change and i would be willing to help advance the agenda. another person be considered fox news host kimberly gilroy. she has been meeting with members of the trump transition team. >> wait until you see this video of a close encounter with a mountain lion. we have the story of a homeowner who heard a noise in the middle of the night he mistakenly thought was a medevac -- was a -- was the weather.
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nature will take its course no matter the season.>> resident peter brazzaville said he and his wife heard noises outside his home. next door started barking -- next the dog started barking. my wife came out and she looked through the peephole and thought she saw a coyote. it was no coyote. a mountain lion was attacking a deer. >> he carried him over the rail and brought him onto the front porch. >> reporter: why on the front porch? >> maybe he felt it was safe to start working on the carcass of the deer. california game warden said the deadly conclusion is rarely
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caught on camera. >> this is not unusual for them to kill right where the deer are feeding. it is just their natural behavior. they are tracking the deer. it is their primary food source. >> reporter: this area since within the habitat of mountain lions and it suggests homeowners to not attract vegetation that attract deer because deer will attract mountain lions.>> this does make the resident think about cautions. >> we just want to protect the children and the dogs so we will be more cautious especially nature comes calling.>> coming up we are marking two weeks since the devastating oakland warehouse fire. coming up the press house -- the press conference coming up.
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teenagers may need to wait a few more years before bringing along their friends for a ride. a proposed change that some claim would make the roads more safe coming up.
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back to the breaking news we have been covering for almost 2 hours. look at this. the picture has changed so much. it is white foam and light gray smoke. earlier this morning it was thick black smoke pouring from this salvage yard. fire crews clearly have it under control. dozens of cars have a burnt. we have alex savage at the scene. we will bring him back. we are waiting. >> it looks at richmond parkway
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will be out of commission for a little bit. stay on 80 and 580 to get around the problem and don't use the richmond parkway. in flashback friday -- first of all we are going to stick with flashback friday. [ laughter ] >> let's do it. >> in today's flashback friday it is the 80th anniversary of the opening of the bay bridge. caltrans has released a bunch of photos to celebrate that. let's see some of these photos.>> the design and construction of the bay ridge was one of the biggest construction challenges of the 20th century because it needed to span more than 5 miles and withstand tides, winds and earthquake. these pictures show the excavation to connect the eastern and western spans of the bridge. temporary railroads had to be built to get rid of the debris.
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we took a look back in our archives to see what some of the eight in our archives to see what some of the 8000 workers on the bridge had to say about the project.>> it did not take a magician to know the bridge was going to be something very special. so that i thought it was one of the seven wonders of the world. besides we're getting good money. $11 for eight hours. >> in total construction took three years but came in six months ahead of schedule. >> i am old enough to remember when the toll was less than a dollar. >> those bridges are really something and obviously when they go down we really miss them.>> lawmakers are looking to put some rules in place for
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young drivers. we're live in hayward with a look at the new proposal.>> reporter: i think this picture might be frozen. we will have to get back to him in a second.>> we have been talking about his report throughout the morning. it is not moving up restrictions for drivers who are 21 years old. right now you have the restrictions in place until you are 18. when you're 21 you are an adult but should you still be restricted until been? we are asking about restricting is true -- about restricting drive during limitations is a good thing.>> what this state needs is a real driving test.>> one person says i totally agree because teenagers are not mature enough.>> another twitter user says i want to say
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no but my neighbor is 19 and his car is so loud and obnoxious and he won't get off my lawn. >> we will keep sharing your responses and we would appreciate the use of our beloved #. it is a big weekend for some bay area high school football players. up next more on the big matchups. >>
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we have been talking about the tao 2000. it is up ever so slightly.>> a few big high school ballgames -- never did i play for a state title. beginning today a number of they teams will be playing for the titles. >> san francisco chronicle contributive tells us on the phone less south -- can they do
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it again?>> that's a tough one. they won seven out of 10. they are up against the juggernauts -- big john bosco. they have division i guys all over the place. we know less all. maybe -- we know lasalle. for them to be an underdog -- we will see.>> a number of teams for the bay area kind of going for a title which is nice to see. what are your thoughts about valley christian taking on madison. it would be nice to get title in the area.>> absolutely. best league around. valley christian are also -- i would say they are an underdog.
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they are going against the madison team that is really loaded and they face some great competition. but valley christian has been a great program for many years. this team it was not earmarked for this. they only have like one kid that has been offered a college scholarship. normally they have five or six. >> you could say the same about sara. >> they are story -- their story is fantastic. they just won a basketball championship. their first boys championship. obviously boys. they are a boys school. they should do well. they play noon on saturday. there are eight area teams.
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that's a huge number.>> oakland high has been to three regionals. one step away from the state championship before but they got over the hump leslie. they are going -- over the hump last week. they are going to latoya of all places. they have two days. nice trip for them. they are in a 50-50 game also. they are a great story. again they did not have a lot of -- coach peters was not sure. the father of marcus player -- marcus peters. he was not sure what he had this year. all these teams are stepping up. very impression. -- very impressive.>> very quick. number one recruit in the country -- do you still think that he was the number one player in the bay area?>> he is
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definitely the number one player. number one recruit no question. he was not the player of the league it is only. ronnie rivers, former nfl player son went head-to-head and had again. but not g harris is the number one player. is he the player of the year? we will wait to see. he had a fantastic year. 2800 yards. carried the team basically. we will see. >> thank you for taking the time, mitch. best of luck for the eight teams. >> i hope one year we get to mention f i or reardon. >> they have one sectionals -- won sectionals. >> coming up next iconic and memorable and be a sideline
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reporter craig sager has passed away. how the bay area and the warriors are paying tribute to his life. >> a new star wars movie broke one has only been out for less than 10 hours and already we have a brand-new line of merchandise that you could only fight at the disney store. we are live at union square in just a minute.
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back to the breaking news we have been following. this is what it looks like when we started covering this fire burning in a junkyard in richmond. cars on top of cars. dozens of them burge. it was an intense fire and it created a thick plume of black smoke which could be seen miles away. the explosion you heard happening live on the air as we had our reporter alec savage.
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the health department did sound the alarm and ordered residents to stay inside. we are switching to a live picture. hasn't this scene changed. there should be a relief. we do not see very much smoke at all rising, so the fire is about to be put out or already. with the water and fire retardant being put on the cars are ready. there may be some concerns about air quality. we will update bringing alec savage to the scene. >> reporter: i'm quite concerned about the air quality in the neighborhood just east of here. look over in that area -- we don't need to show that at this moment but i can tell you the smoke has drifted over into the neighborhoods and it has settled in a lot of places. air-quality is a major concern. let me tell you about the fire
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fighting progress. they are making great progress. just huge of claims we saw earlier in a thick plume of black smoke. they are now getting ton of water and fire retardant foam on the fire at multiple angles. we have fighters from the fire protection district as well as the nearby chevron refinery. we should point out that this fire is not burning anywhere close to the refinery. the chevron firefighters are simply here because they have the fire retardant foam that the cruise want for this fire. this area is on richmond parkway near gertrude avenue. for the past couple hours of this plume of smoke has been blowing driven by the strong wind. the plume has been blowing into the nearby neighborhood. i talked to one woman that lives just a few doors from
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here. she lives in a area where they are asking people to stay inside of their homes because of the thick toxic smoke. >> it is very scary. i was praying the whole time. first thing i did was pull my car out the garage and got ready to go. it was that scary. >> reporter: again according to the battalion chief out here from the start this was a wind driven fire. it obviously started burning some of the cars at the salvage yard. i am told there are about 200 cars or so according to an employee. according -- because of the strong wind the fire just started blowing from one car to another to another.
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everyone is accounted for. we don't believe anyone was hurt with this fire. all employees have been accounted for, the good news is we still have smoke coming from this fire but certainly crews are getting a good handle on the fire. we will stay out here and monetary throughout the morning. >> the foam retardant definitely played a role.>> absolutely. it makes a big difference as alec was they. >> i am just looking at these pictures and wondering if the target it needs to be cleaned up. -- at least the fire is out.>> the city of pacifica will tear down an apartment think that sits dangerously on and eroding cliff. the city plans to tear down 310 esplanade without the blessing of the building's owner who recently declared bankruptcy. the city was declared unsafe and the residents weren't evicted last year . said that
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time the building's owner has neglected the 20 unit tilting and the building is in danger of falling down the cliff. a man dangling off of a cliff was rescued by  firefighters. we have pictures of the man as he was stranded about 100 the below the clipped and 25 the above crashing waves. >> a neighbor called firefighters. crews eventually work able to haul him up the cliff to safety. i was told he may have been down here for a couple hours. he is called an exhaustive. i think he was very happy. >> the man has minor injury and will be okay. it is not clear how he got stuck. crews believe he may have walked from china beach to baker p.m. may have gotten stuck when the tide came in. there will be a press
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conference in response to the oakland fire. some people living in space is similar to along with the fire happened are worried about mass evictions. tennis rights organizations and representatives will be at today's meeting. the meeting starts at 11 am in oakland. seth curry is raising money for the fire. this is one pair of shoes he wore. the other pair has a colorful design. both pairs of shoes will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the oakland fire relief fund. >> the warriors as well as the next took arms to honor craig saber who passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. spirit while be considered a moment of silence we thought it would be more appropriate to
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have a moment of joy instead so i would like all of you to join me and applaud for a great man. >> thank you.>> along with his reporting, he was also known for his colorful students. he was 65 years old and survived by his wife cece and five children. hank aaron -- smashed a home run over the yard to break babe ruth's all-time record. there is sager running. you can see him right there. a good thing to know here is
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sager did not even have a press conference a picky just kind of worked his way in and got on the field. he hopped over the third-base the wall and ran onto the field.>> you can hear the frenzy and the excitement. >> he was a great reporter. >> as for the warriors game they beat the next 103-90. the next work shorthanded. from the start it really was all about team play for golden state. they started a game with an assist. 36 straight buckets. finishing with 41 assists on the night. the warriors have the best record in the league with 23 win and four losses. seth curry actually had more rebounds than he did point last night.>> he played very well though. >> something is happening with the warriors . it seems like they don't take shots. they pass the ball. makes good basketball.>> let's move back to our twitter rest
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of the day because we weren't talking about the changes in licensing. the graduated license. essentially there are restrictions on a driver that gets a license at 16. you can have younger people with you unless there is a true adult in the car. that is in oakland assemblymen pushing to move restrictions all the way up to the age of 21 and we asked you if you think that is a good idea.>> here is an chime on twitter. we can send an 18-year-old to war but we can restrict his license? >> i heard a lot of one word answers. nonsense pixma another one says i would be more interested in a proposal for elderly drivers who no longer drive safely. >> baby you take my license and i am 75. >> or maybe when you are 75 you take a driver's test.>> thank you for your responses. >> here is something i think i
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will see the speaker. a busy weekend at the box office is expected for the latest star wars installment broke one.>> -- star wars installment rogue one people camped out to see the prepare. but that is expected to bring in 300 million in its opening weekend extract of course there are plenty of merchandise. some toys are already available designed to get children involved in science. >> we are at the disney store on stockton street with a look at what is on the shelves.>> they have some amazing stuff. it is stuff you can only find at the disney store. look at this. this is an trooper.>> this is josh. i will do my whole interview in this mask.
9:40 am
just kidding. this is josh quintero and he is the store manager. show us some of this great merchandise.>> welcome to the union store disney store. today we are launching a few different rigors. our elite series here. we have our death trooper down here as well as this. we are also launching our storm trooper from the rogue one movie. these are good solid and great quality. some of the best stuff you can find for our collectors out here. >> so some of the other stuff. i saw the princess leia dall. this is new. this one really looks like carrie fisher's movie. this is some of our classics. we launched this product the couple weeks ago.>> just take a walk around the star -- store.
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it is so amazing picture quality is fantastic. i see that a lot of these items are really solid and the detail is so amazing. >> our team does a great job bringing the characters to life through interaction with the actual diecast series themselves. one of the new droids k2so. when you watch the movie you will be impressed with his size. >> he looks like r2-d2 but painted black. >> we love our star wars franchise. bringing the characters and telling a story it is a lot of fun.>> for the first 80 guest that come in today we have a collectible pin for purchase with purchase. it is to help celebrate our rogue one movie. >> both will be coming in here
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soon. i think we need to send it back with our mask.>> $20. may the force be with you.>> that is only $20? >> i was just out at the store with the children.>> did you get anything? >> we've got to . and ornament each.>> happy holidays. >> coming up it is the holiday season living the dream and then losing it all. how the kindness of others has given one man a second chance during this season of sharing. and sweet treats for the holidays. in studios we are picking up some idea -- in the studio we are baking up some ideas for the holiday season.
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this year we are proud to be a media partner with the san francisco chronicle of the season of sharing fund. the fund has raised more than $113 million to help people in need. we are being introduced to a man who lived on the streets for years but hangs to the kindness of others now has a second chance. >> reporter: on the sixth floor of this building 57-year-old larry williams takes in the view. he lives in a modest a 250 ft.2 studio with the essential to larry it may as well be a palace. >> it was an incredible feeling for btus and heat. >> reporter: lares journey home
9:46 am
started five years ago picky was once a successful mechanical engineer a series of auto accidents left him with a severe spinal and had injury while another injured both knees. divorce and know where to turn he recovered at shelters and eventually landed on the streets. >> i ended up in a tent near san bruno mountain with a cast on both legs. i knew this was probably my lowest. and i just had no choice but to lay their just like you would in your home. >> reporter: homeless larry found a home under a semi truck in san francisco. he languished for years for ever fighting his pride to seek help. >> i hid out for a lot of time. i went to coffee shops. i had not showered for three or four or five days and kind of mask the fact of who i was because i
9:47 am
knew inside this was not me. >> reporter: while watching the giants win the world series in 2012 larry had a chance encounter with former mayor gavin newsom and he snapped a photograph. that picture served as a motivator the next few years to reclaim his life. suddenly this stubborn guy began to reach out and ultimately thanks to his faith, numerous social agencies, and the chronicle seasons of sharing , he finally walked into his own home of the first time in more than five years.>> i really hit the floor. i mean it was overwhelming. it shook me for hours. and then they left and i was lost in space. >> reporter: larry is still recovering for the first time
9:48 am
in years his heart and head are whole again. he is forever people and hopes to return the favor for those that saved him and for those that saved him -- and for those that are still homeless. >> i left with $20 and came back with three. >> you can join the season of sharing and be a part of the group's efforts by donating online. we have a posted under the mornings tab and you can also find us on our mobile app. sky fox over richardson day in marin county are giving us live pictures. a number of boats out there. the coast guard did get a call about a need for a rescue and as sailboat starting to sink. you could see the top of the mass. this is in richardson bay which is the bait just to the east of
9:49 am
sausalito. it is near mill valley and belvedere. a house boat sunk on the shore and there are also a lot of votes on a normal basis. that one looks like it is under water so we know -- look there is a helicopter. no word yet if anyone was on board. obviously a lot of both in the area. i don't know if they just happen to be there or if they rushed to the scene because they heard the distress call. we will continue to follow the situation. we will switch over to the season for holiday treats. they are baking up a few ideas for you this morning.>> i am here with olivia pulp. -- olivia pulp -- olivia pope. we're talking about edible gifts.>> this is a way to show
9:50 am
someone you care and say thank you. we say thank you to all of our clients and vendors.>> you are starting with something -- peppermint bark. we're doing like chocolate and dark chocolate peppermint bark. we have dark chocolate that we have melted and we let it cool and that. now we're going to add in our white chocolate right and over the top. as you do that you put on parchment paper because you don't want to have to try this off. you started with chips. chips are better to melt. >> chipset is it to melt. they are a lot more foolproof than just kind of getting a big are and it makes it easy and that is what you want this time of year. all we need to do now is sprinkle over fresh pepper that we have over here.>> these are the prettiest peppermint chips. put that in a plastic bag and beat them with a rolling pin.
9:51 am
i am going kind of light because i want the chocolate to shine through. you did jerk white chocolate on a double boiler but if you are lazy you can use the microwave take it low and slow. >> i like to do it at 10 second intervals. once it is melted that i go ahead and cool it at indy cold chocolate in that helps to bring it all to temperature and cook it evenly. >> we let this call and it turns into this. it is important to let it cool.>> what i like to make sure to do is when i set this aside if i dump it in the for -- in the refrigerator. you don't want the refrigerator to change the consistency of the chocolate. it is great for holiday gifts.
9:52 am
it is great for friends and family. if you want to add, we always like to throw a party. we have some snowflake cookies over there. my cookies will never look like this. i am just going to drink the same. this is a lot of time and precision.>> but you know what -- it is so easy to do. just take a little extra time. though the kids in the kitchen with you and have some fun. >> you also have a great recipe for eggnog. >> i am dominican and every year we make a coconut-based eggnog a new flavor it with rum for the adults. not so much for the kids but it is delicious and easy and you can get everything at the store.>> these are homemade marshmallows. i am going to take it peppermint and a sweet and salty not for the gentlemen. >> all these recipes are
9:53 am
waiting for you at our website at >> look who is here. >> are you sweeter salty? >> i will do salty. happy holidays. >> thank you. >> i will take a candy cane. [ laughter ] >> happy holidays.>> coffee anyone? >> [ laughter ] >> happy holidays to you. >>
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea.
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i don't where 100% acrylic for no reason. we have made a costume change in observance for ugly sweater day. this is horrible. >> it is not good. you guys actually look cute. >> that is a no. is there a nicer sweater?>> this is one of those sweaters that is designed to last for 30 years or else it is guaranteed. it is made very well. he was on our show.>> this does not fall into the ugly sweater.>> something else we showed and shared with you this year is called cards from bald
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guy greetings. thank you to bald guy greetings giving these to us. >> what a picture. happy holidays everybody.>> see you back here at noon.>> he wants the peppermint bark. >>
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city, it's "the wendy williams show." now here's wendy! >> wendy: you look good. hi. thank you for watch willinging our show. great, great. sorry, sorry, i'm out of order.


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